Software Tutorials


1.  Video 1 NRR Instructions after purchase


2.  Video 2 NRR Instructions for download and installation


3.  Video 3 Activation Center part 1 Code


4.  Video 4 Activation Center part 2


5.   Video 5 Operation of software


6.   Video 6 Creating and saving scripts


7.  Video 7 Understanding "Run" and "Play" options


8.  Video 8 Playing frequencies


9.  Video 9 Scripts Installation

10.  If you install the software and get the error..."The Application has failed to start because its side by side configuaration is incorrect"

Try installing the following:
Click Here to Download
Unzip and open, there may me several files that will install. Although I have never had any trouble you may want to backup your computer first.


Picture Description Instructions
Rife Software Generator Screen Shot Installing Software

1. The download link after you purchase the software. If this method is how you would like to install your software, there will be two chances to download. The first will be immediately after your purchase and the second will be by email and the download will be good for 3 days.  Click on the picture to enlarge.
Laptop Sound Output to RCA Plug
Laptop sound output. Plug the Stereo wire here.
RCA to Amplifier

The Laptop sound output is where the Stereo end of the RCA Plug goes.  If you have desktop the speaker output may be on the back of the computer.

The other end of the RCA wire goes to the input on the amplifier

Lead wire from amplifier to electrodes 
Lead wire from amplifier to electrodes.  The lead wire comes with to adapters that you can see in the illustration to the left and they go over the end of the lead wire so they will fit into the clips on the back of the amplifier.   You can cut and twist the wires so they will insert into the appropriate slot if you want.  Click on the picture to enlarge.
Overall setup for lead wire

This is an overall view to show the setup from the amplifier to the electrodes.  Click on the picture to enlarge.
Set up using your own hardware. 

This is an illustration using your own hardware purchased from your local stores.   Copper pipe tubing, speaker wire and RCA stereo wire from computer to the back of the amplifier.  If you have desktop the speaker output may be on the back of the computer.
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