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Software Tutorials

1.  Software Installation Overview

2.  Installing the NRR Software

3.  Activation Code

4.  Activation Code Step two

5.   How to Install Your Scripts

6.   How to find Your Scripts

5.  Introduction to NRR Software

6.  Playing frequencies

7.  Creating Scripts

7.  Playing Frequencies in Stereo

9.  Settings

10.  Saving Settings

11.  Instructions for Windows Vista: Click Here

12.  Help Files for the NRR Software






Picture Description


Enlarge Picture

Installing Software

There are two methods of Software delivery.

Click Here for Installation Video. (you must be connected to the internet)

1.  The download link after you purchase the software.  If this method is how you would like to install your software, there will be two chances to download.  The first will be immediately after your purchase and the second will be by email and the download will be good for 3 days.

2.  The CD that comes with the purchase of the Deluxe or Premium Pkge. (The CD can also be added to the basic package at purchase time)  When you insert your CD you will see step One and instructions to install the software.

When you Install the software a space for you to enter your email will appear.  Enter the same email you used when purchasing the package or you will not get your activation key.  Allow up to 48 hours for the Activation key to arrive by email.


Enlarge Picture

amp hook up

Hardware Installation Step 1

Our software will work on Windows 7,8,9,10 and XP/Vista. 

1.  Stereo to RCA connector:  In the illustration on the Left this is the connector that plugs into the headphone output on the laptop.  You can use the speaker output or headphone output on your desktop or laptop.  The other end plugs into the amp input (stereo aux input).  One side is white and the other is red.  Use only one side if you only want to run two electrodes.  Use both the red and white if you want to run 4 electrodes.

2.  If you need a mini amp my choice is the Pyle Pro 2 x 40 for around $60, the power input to the amplifier is on left side. (See Illus.)  The power adapter in the illustration powers the mini amp.  Always turn the volume all the way down before connecting and then gradually  turn up the volume till you feel a tingle.

3.  If you are using your own amplifier, it must have a sound input, and sound output.  Most amplifiers have a volume control.   Our Mini amp is controlled by the computer volume control.  This is usually in the bottom right hand of the computer screen in the form of a speaker icon.  Remember to turn up the volume on the computer if you have your own amplifier with a volume control.

Click here to order the hardware


Hardware Installation Step 2

1.  In the illustration on the Left we have connected two electrodes.  If you were connecting a speaker, this would be the two wires that connect to the speaker.  The beige wire is called the lead wire and connects to the electrodes.  

2.  There are still two connections for output #2 on the amplifier.  If you want to connect 4 electrodes, just connect another lead wire and two more electrodes as illustrated.

Click here to order the hardware

There are many amplifiers on line.  One that we use is called "Pyle Pro Mini 2x40W"   Just do a search online to find the amplifier.




Electrode covers

1.  This is a better picture of the electrode covers.   Just look for wrist sweat bands online.

2.  The Electrode covers are blue and will slide over the stainless steel electrodes.  Moisten the covers in warm water. (add a little salt to the water
for better conductivity)  Slide the covers over the electrodes and do not allow the electrodes to touch each other.

Click here to order the hardware


Banana Plugs

1.  This is a picture of a setup using hardware from local stores.  The copper wire is speaker wire from Radio Shack, the copper tubes are 4" x 1" from the local hardware store.  Just strip the ends of the speaker wire and attach alligator clips and clip the other end into the amp as if you are hooking up one speaker.

The Black wire is an RCA connection to the input of the amplifier and the other end is a common stereo plug that plugs into the output of the computer headset.  

2.  If you purchase our mini amp, then the lead wire will come with these already attached.

Click here to order the hardware


Back of Amplifier

This is is a close up and as you can see the RCS red and white go to the input of the amplifier and the copper speaker is hooked up to the output of the amplifier.

Click Here for more examples like this one.

Click here to order the hardware


The cost is minimal to set up the amplifier as this illustrations shows.   The two copper tubes, copper wire, electrode cover, alligator clips, and RCA stereo wire cost around $20.

General NRR Software Questions:
Q. My Key Code Does not Work. (Serial Key, Key Code, and Activation Code are all the same)
A.  Did you insert you Name, State, and Serial Key EXACTLY as you received it? Upper case Lower case entered the same?  If it has been more than 21 days since you received the Serial Key then Send your Name Address and Date of purchase to .  We will send you instructions for getting a new serial key.  When you follow the instructions and try the Serial key you will receive by email. (Serial Key will arrive within15 minutes).  If your key code does not work use your CD to reinstall the Software. (Go to "Start"  then "Control Panel"  then "Add and Remove Programs"  and remove the NoRiftRife software)
Now Reinstall the NoRiftRife software. 
Q.  How do I get my Serial Key? (Serial Key, Key Code, and Activation Code are all the same)
A.  All serial keys are send within 15 minutes after ordering on line.  If you did not receive yours, send Send your Name Address and Date of purchase to .  We will send you instructions for getting a new serial key.   Add so that your spam blocker will not block the server when sending your Serial Key.  If you need to re-install the software , use the CD you received at the time of purchase. 
Q.  I cannot enter frequencies with decimal points.
A.  On your software control screen start from a blank box or erase the frequency that is currently present.  Now you can enter your decimal frequency.   If you are using the scripts screen start from a blank screen to enter the decimal frequency.  You also write the decimal frequency in Microsoft Word and copy and past it in the Scripts.    

If you have spam blocker please add to the list of approved emails before you request your key Serial key.

Q.  I purchased software for two computers or more, how do I get the activation key(s)?
A.  Use your CD and install it again.  Use the same Serial Key (Activation Code).  If it has been more than 21 days since you received the Serial Key then Send your Name Address and Date of purchase to We will send you instructions for getting a new serial key.  When you follow the instructions try the Serial key you will receive by email within 15 minutes.  Enter Your Name, State, and Serial key EXACTLY as you received it by email. 
Do not re-install your software thru the download unless the key does not work.
Q.  Where are the instructions for the software?
A.  Open the NRR Software.  Go to "Help" and then "Contents"  Some added instruction are below.
Q.  What is the Sweep Option?
A.  AS you sweep between two frequencies you are actually playing the frequencies in between the beginning frequency and the ending frequency.
Q.  Why do you use the "Square Wave" setting on the software?
  Square Wave is the accepted type of frequency wave for Rife experimentation.  Some have used the "sine" wave.  It is a 50/50 duty cycle.  We are not in the business of educating in electronic signals so if you want to know more you will have to
do your own research.
Q.  I cannot get sound from the software.
A.  Go to your sound settings on the computer (not the software) and check the volume control.  Mute should not be checked.  Are your headphones unpluged?
Q.  On the software What is the "Loop"?
A.  The frequencies will play continuous
Q.  How do I save the Dual sweep frequencies to the scripts file?
A.  At this time you can only save the first sweep frequency. (we will address this in later updates)
Q.  How does the Volume control on the software work?
A.  You must set the volume before entering or playing the Frequencies.
Q.  I ordered the scripts, how do I access them?
A.  The scripts will be on the CD.  Go to step two on the CD?  Now go to your Script Screen on the software, Then Load, now go to MyDocuments then NoRiftRife  now Click on the script you want.
Q. After I create a file of scripts and save them they are no where to be found.
A. When you click on save as notice the location you are saving to.  If is best to always save to where your scripts already are. (See previous question for location of scripts)  If you don't know where the scripts are click on "Load" and you will see where all your scripts are.  (Do not use the "Load Config" or "Save Config" for the scripts settings.)
Q. What is the origin of the scripts?
A. We make no claims as to the origin of the different scripts. We have put together the scripts in form that allows the user to change or adapt for there own use.  This allows anyone using the scripts (NRR Software) area to develop thousands of different styles of frequencies.  As to the origin of the rife frequencies?  No one person originated the Frequencies.  They have been compiled over many years by by many people.  One of Rife's associates started using the direct contact in the 50's and thousands have followed. So origin? Many. 
Q. What is the difference between Human and animal frequencies?
A. For me to state a difference would be to make a claim of human use. We cannot make any claims. Since rife is Experimental privacy takes first place. We cannot Tell you it is ok to use the frequencies on the human body, how much More so that we are experimenting on someone. Drugs are Tested on animals before using on humans. The same drug is given to Humans after approval.   
Q.  If I create a script containing several frequencies, can I use the LOOP command to replay the script over again?
A.  Replace "end" with "repeat".
Q.  How do I get updates for frequency scripts?
A.  New frequencies will be added here.  When you see new ones just add them to your scripts.
Q. Can I install the Software and or scripts on 4 computers if I ordered the Premium?
A.  Yes, just use your CD and follow steps one and two.  Use the same serial key for all computers.
Q. I cannot Install the software on Windows Vista.
A.  Go Here
Q.  I have other questions?
Q.  Why can't I enter a frequency like 7.39?
A.   You can enter a decimal frequency for example 7.39. Just start from a blank screen.  Make sure you click on new in the scripts screen so you can clear the screen.  Decimal numbers cannot be added to script from the main screen, you must click on "new" in the scripts screen and clear it before you can type a decimal number.

 Q.  How come your frequencies are in HZ and not MHZ

A. We are aware that there are many facets of the rife technology.  We are using many of the same Low frequencies as the GB400 frequency generator List.  This is a well known and proven device.  Actually it is one Of the best.  It does both high frequencies and low frequencies.  We use most the same low frequencies that this world renowned company uses.  For example here are the parameters for the Papilloma virus: (these are low frequencies- use square wave only) 45,489,874,907,16970,265,5657, 1011, 9258, 9609, 466,110,767.  I did not list them all, but these all match the same frequencies used in Our list. So, yes you will find different ways of doing things on any subject you choose including Rife Technology. Hope this helps.  Our software is made to go on a computer and most computers are able to do around 24,000hz.  

Q.  My Amplifier does not work.

A.  1. Try putting Some salt in the water that the electrodes are dipped in.  2.  Make sure your headphones on the computer are not  plugged in.  3.  Check the volume on the computer.  The speaker icon in the bottom Right hand corner.  If this is too low it will not work on the amplifier. Also Check the left and right control.  This should be in the middle.  4.  Try plugging directly into the speaker output from the computer.   5.  Try both A and B side of the speaker output on the amplifier if you have both.