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Alternative Vitality Systems





Please check out our question and answer before you email us. If your questions is not answered below please feel free to email us at Questions



We cannot recommend  the use of this device on humans

        A  Rife machine should never by used by a person who wears a heart pacemaker.

        An electrode (electro-pad) should not be placed over the front of the neck.   Because the current may then stimulate one of the receptors that controls blood pressure and thus produce a harmful change in conditions, or the continuous stimulation may produce a spasm of the vocal cords.

        An electrode should never be placed over the heart.

        Special care in the use of electro-devices should be taken when the patient has coronary artery disease.

        An electrode should never be placed close to an eye.


General Questions:
Stereo Questions:


Refund Policy: 
Since Rife is experimental there would be no reason for a refund unless the software did not work.   We do guarantee the software to work just as we state on our website.  On all other products Our guarantee covers quality in workmanship, So if you have received a product from us and it does not work properly or is defective return the defective unit and we either repair or replace the item purchased for a full year.  If you return a product just because you change your mind  within the first 30 days we will refund 70% of the purchase not including shipping. If the unit has been used we will refund 50% of the purchase price not including shipping.  We will not refund if you do not have a Return Merchandise Account number (RMA).  If you need help setting up your product please call Click here for support. Priority mail takes about 3 days sometimes 5 days.


how long and how often should the duration of the treatment be?

A:  We cannot tell you how long or how often as Rife treatment is experimental.   We do not know of any negative results using it  everyday for a long period of time (up to an hour a day), except for one person that said they needed to detox after long periods of use.    


Should I feel anything when the Electro-pads are on?

Most Stereo's around 50w per channel will be powerful enough to feel a tingle.  Even if you don't feel anything you may be getting some benefit.  You will need an amplifier, Stereo or some type of sound amplifier. An amplifier as low as a 40w per channel may work. Click Here to see our mini rife amplifier. Our amplifier is available for foreign 240v. (Option for 240v at checkout)

I get a strong shock each time the frequencies change.

You probably have it turned up too high, however you will feel a surge when the frequency changes.  It is not necessary to have a high volume.  Always Start out at the lowest setting on the volume before hooking up any connections

Is there a way to program your own personal series of frequencies With a time limit for each frequency.  For example 10 frequencies at 3 minutes each.

A.  Yes, all the instructions come with our new software.


Body Scanning:

No our system does not do body scanning. 

Q:  Is their such A thing as being zapped Or Accepting to many treatments At once?

A:  Before you order remember we are not allowed to advise anyone on their sessions.  You are building your own rife machine using your Computer and Stereo. 


Software Questions:

How can I find out more about the rife Generator?

You can go to http://www.noriftrife.com/generator.asp to read about the Rife Generator.  If you have specific questions.   Our Software tutorials page is HERE


Stereo Questions:

Q: What should the amplifier be able to amplify?    Square waves, sine waves?  Frequency range required?

A:  The stereo is turned up enough Just to feel the tingle. Even if you don't feel the tingle, that does not mean it is not working.  Square Waves is most popular.   The frequency top end would be any where between 22,000 to 48,000 Hz   Some computers will only do 22,000 depending on the sound card

Q:  What part of a stereo system is required? Tuner, speakers, or both?

A:  Actually the amplifier is what is needed.  The stereo acts as an amplifier for the frequency that is generated at the computer.  When you are using the this Rife system you will not need to have any speakers hooked up.

Q: can a PA amplifier be used instead of a stereo

A: Yes, most any amplifier of sound should work fine.

Q:  Is a stereo necessary?

A: Yes, you need a stereo.  The computer does not have the wattage needed.

Q: What if I don't have an input or Aux connection on my Stereo?

A: First see if you have a microphone connection and get an adapter and use it. You can also get an fm transmitter at Walmart around $20.00.  It will hook up in the back of your computer where your speaker hooks up.  You will set the FM transmitter to the same as the stereo.  This will give you a wireless connection for playing the frequencies.

Q: How do you know if My Stereo system will work?

A.  Most stereo's will tell in wattage per channel (speaker) in the  manual.  For example it will say "50w x 2".  That means you have 2 speakers and each speaker  will have a 50 watts.  Also you can look on the Back of the Stereo and see what the wattage is per speaker.  

You will need an amplifier, Stereo or some type of sound amplifier. An amplifier as low as a 40w per channel may work. Click Here to see our mini rife amplifier. Our amplifier is available for foreign 240v. (Option for 240v at checkout)



Q.  How does your Rife Machine Work?

A.  Our system works on the square wave.  The digital output from the computer software is amplified thru the
stereo and thus transmitted to the electrodes.  
Q.  Can you attach a plasma Bulb?

A.  No

Q. Why do some sets of frequencies have several and others only a few?

  While several frequencies may work for some things others only have a few. 

Q. Should I add supplements or use other pre-cautions while doing Rife?

A.  We are not doctors and cannot prescribe.  As with any detox program a professional should be consulted.

Q. If an amp's frequency response is 20 to 20K Hz, and some rife frequencies call for anything below 20hz, how can the amp reproduce that frequency?

A.Frequency Response: A measure of what frequencies can be reproduced and how accurately they are reproduced. A measurement of 20 to 20,000 Hz 3dB means those frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz can be reproduced no more than 3 dB above or below a reference frequency.  The amplifier will produce the lower frequencies, just not 3dB.  The difference is not enough to matter.