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Alternative Vitality Systems


Rife Machine Frequency Generator for Under $50

Build your own frequency generator by turning Your Computer into a Rife Device in less than 30 minutes!

Video Introduction to the NRR Rife Machine Software: Click Here

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Rife Machine frequency Generator software for your computer

Royal Rife Machine products & frequency Generator

Instant Software download
License for One Computer Plus
over 700 Scripts includes with the Premium and Deluxe packages
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Why You Should Choose this Software?

  • Our software has over 700 Pre-Programmed scripts (presets) and you can create your script and save it to the database. Competitor only has 85 presets.
  • Frequency pulsating option.
  • Sweep Option
  • In stereo mode you can run 4 electrodes. (two sets)
  • Change computers anytime.
  • Run on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista. or Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10 (MAC Computers not supported)
  • The premium software allows up to 4 computers usage. ( give it to a friend or relative) 
  • Instant Download upon purchase
  • Use in the privacy of your home
  • Professional Setup Support if needed. (Setup Instruction Video upon purchase )
  • The Software can be used for sound therapy...Just install the software and Listen!  Read More
  • Click Here for more information on the software

Need Help Deciding?

  • Purchase the Basic Package if you want the software only.
  • Purchase the Deluxe Package if you want the software plus over 700 programmed frequency scripts. 
  • Purchase the Premium Package for the Software license on up to 4 computers including over 700 programmed frequency scripts.  (Recommended Package)
  • Step One:  Compare all three packages (Software CD is available at additional cost with any package)
  • Step two: Check your computer and be sure it is came with Microsoft Windows XP, Vista. or Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10 (MAC Computers not supported)
  • Step three: Pick your Package:  Basic Package, Deluxe Package, Premium Package
  • Step four:  Add to cart, sign up as new customer or if existing customer sign in.
  • Step five: Enter your personal information follow the steps to check out.
  • Step six: At the download page watch the software installation video and download your product.
  • Step seven: Instructions on where to get your amplifier & hardware for under $60 will be provided upon purchase of any package.
  • Watch Software Introduction Video: . Click Here
  • Nee more help: Click Here to submit a new ticket.
What You Need

1.   You will need a Computer with, Windows Vista, Windows XP, or Windows 7, 8, 9, & 10.   All instructions for building the rife frequency machine are online.  (Note: Does not work with Windows Me  or any 98 versions of windows.  Your activation key will be sent by email.  Our software allows the purchaser to change to a different computer or retrieve a new Activation key without contacting us.

2.  You will need an Stereo amplifier or some type of sound amplifier.  An amplifier as low as a 50w per channel may work. 

3.  You will also need two types of connectors.   One from the computer to the Stereo and the second from the amplifier to the electrodes, and the electrodes.  That's all you need!  Remember software download & instructions on where to get the hardware will be included upon completion of your purchase.


How to Order Frequency Technology Software

Order by Midnight tonight: 

And receive all the following:

  • Order the  Premium package today was $99.77 Today your cost is $49.77
  • Free technical support for 60 days, a $30.00 value. 
  • Instructions on how to use your rife machine as a Hulda Clark Zapper.
  • Compare all three packages
  • How to order: Pick your Package:  Basic Package, Deluxe Package, Premium Package
  • Step One:  Add to cart, sign up as new customer or if existing customer sign in.
  • Step Two: Enter your personal information follow the steps to check out.
  • Step Three: At the download page watch the software installation video and download your product.
  • Step Four: Watch all the tutorials. Click Here
  • Software Details Click here
  • For ordering information call: Click Here
  • Nee more help: Click Here to submit a new ticket.

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 Our interest in Rife Machine Technology began about 1997 when my prostate began to give me some problems and later my arthritis also became a problem in my everyday life.   We learned that by generating frequencies from your computer and amplifying the frequencies my prostate problems would go away.  After trying several different things, now I finally found the answer and all I had to do was spend 5-10 minutes by my computer.

 The setup steps are really very simple and will only take about thirty minutes to set up my first home system.  You start with a Windows based computer and install a frequency generator.  Some are free frequency software programs; however the ones that cost a small fee are the best.   Install the software and make sure that the software generates square wave frequencies.   You will need a stereo amplifier around 40w or so.  Next, get two plastic pans that both feet will fit into and a small amount of salt.   If you have some speaker wire cut about a 5 foot piece.   Now get an RCA stereo wire from most any electronics store so that you can connect from your computer output to the amplifier input.

 To begin the setup process; start by peeling the speaker wire on both ends as if you are going to connect to a speaker.   Now, connect one end to the speaker output on the stereo and the other end connect one wire to the first pan water and the other wire to the other pan of water.    Now connect the RCA to the speaker output on the computer and the other end to the auxiliary input on the amplifier.  

 Put your feet into the water pans, one foot in each pan.   Turn the stereo unit all the way down.   Start your software and select the desired frequency.  Turn the volume control on your computer down to the minimum.   Now gradually turn up the volume on the stereo and there should be a slight tingle that intensifies as the volume control is turned up. Never allow the speaker wires to touch each other.

 We have used frequencies for the flu virus, arthritis, candida, headache, metal clarity, and many other problems throughout the past 15 years.  We have received many testimonials regarding frequency therapy in our email box from people all over the world praising the rife frequency software.     

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We do not make any claims as to health benefits that may come from the use of a rife device. Rife Machine frequencies are not recommended for human use and can only be used for for experimental purposes on animals.

This Frequency Generator is NOT FOR HUMAN USE. Limitation of Liability IN NO EVENT SHALL THE STORE OWNERS, ITS PARENT, SUBSIDIARIES, OR AFFILIATES, OR THEIR RESPECTIVE OFFICERS, DIRECTORS, EMPLOYEES, REPRESENTATIVES, OR AGENTS BE LIABLE FOR DIRECT, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, PUNITIVE, OR INDIRECT DAMAGES (INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, LOSS OF DATA, USE, OR PROFITS), HOWEVER CAUSED, WHETHER FOR BREACH OF CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, OR OTHERWISE, AND WHETHER OR NOT THIS COMPANY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF ANY SUCH DAMAGES. YOU AGREE THAT THE COMPANY PARTIES MAXIMUM LIABILITY ARISING FROM ANY PRODUCT SOLD SHALL NOT EXCEED THE PRICE OF SUCH PRODUCT. SOME JURISDICTIONS DO NOT ALLOW THE LIMITATION OF EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY FOR CERTAIN DAMAGES SO THE ABOVE LIMITATIONS AND EXCLUSIONS MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU TO THE EXTENT SUCH JURISDICTIONS LAW IS APPLICABLE TO THIS AGREEMENT. Warning: Do not use rife frequencies if you are pregnant or Have a Pacemaker or any other Heart Condition. WARNING: The statements in this website or rife technology products listed in this website have not been evaluated or authorized by the United States Food and Drug Administration or The American Medical Association. These products and health programs are not intended for human use, and not intended to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease. If you are ill, have any disease or are pregnant, see a medical doctor immediately. This information is published under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, which grants us the right to discuss openly and freely all matters of public concern and to express viewpoints no matter how controversial or unaccepted they may be. Therefore, we are forced to give you the following Warnings: If you are ill or have been diagnosed with any disease, please consult a medical doctor before attempting to use any Herbal Formulae, rife device Royal Rife technology, alternative treatments or any Natural Healing program in this website. References in this website to the following- alternative health, COLLOIDAL SILVER GENERATOR, rife machine, resonator, Hulda Clark Zapper, Royal Rife should not be taken as a replacement for medical help or advise. Any reference should not be taken in a medical sense. These frequency generators and other equipment can only be sold in the United States for veterinary use or equipment testing. Also, if you have a serious medical condition, the use of this technology should not replace any competent medical advice you are currently receiving. Use of this frequency generator you are hereby agreeing that you understand that the biological mechanisms of response from the products sold through this web site are not known but will employ this device for experimental use only, without any expectation of curing any ailment. Next, I understand that negative physical and/or mental effects, unknown to me and/or anyone else might possibly result from use of this device. Furthermore, I intend to undertake responsible experimentation and voluntarily accept all responsibility for the application of these products. Moreover, I will not hold the owners of this website http://www.noriftrife.com, its suppliers and/or associates responsible for any consequences, harmful or otherwise, that may occur as a result of the use of these products and/or devices. It is not recommended for persons with a pacemaker to undertake this frequency therapy. We cannot take any responsibility for those who treat themselves. I also am at least 18 years of age and have no guardian. (I as used above refers to the purchaser or user of any products on this website.)  Out Rife Machine software is designed to work on most Windows Computers up to 8.1


What is a resonator ? 

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