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We will show you how to simply build your own rife machine and have it operational in as little as 30 minutes. You probably already have the basics to build your own frequency generator right in your home. All you need sound amplifier capaple of an output of 50w or more per channel, some speaker wire and access to a harware store. Alternatively, just add our hardware to cart when you check out and be up and running in as little as 15 miunutes.  There are many electro devices out there that sell for $700-$5,000 and more use many of the very same frequencies that can be produced by the NRR Software right from your computer. 

As a bonus the software can do the same thing a Hulda Clark Zapper does at no additional cost!   Don't go through the trouble to buy or build a Hulda Clark Zapper when you already have one built into the NRR Software and much, much more versatle.   Click Here to see a list of Rife Frequencies for parasites. 

There is so much more to tell you about Rife Technology we have only touched the fringes.   The Royal Rife story is one of most the amazing stories about healing we have ever come across.  What you are about to see next is about viruses and frequencies.


Your thinking really, Rife Frequencies For Viruses!

Rife Machine frequencies Influenza Virus

"I personally started using the rife machine frequencies back in 1996 and have never looked back.  Rife Technology has been an integral part of my life for over 20 years now. When the flu syptoms start, the frequency machine comes out." 

Influenza Virus

Who Was Royal Rife?

Royal Rife Invented the Rife Machine Frequency Generator, What Happened to Him? It’s ironic that Royal Rife was run out of business and his laboratory destroyed by fire where researchers were on the verge of announcing an astonishing success using the Beam Ray. In 1944, all of his records at USC disappeared. There are many stories from individuals who used Royal Rife’s frequency Rife Machine and how they were cured.

Today it is being used in all kinds of medical devices including implant devices for people with severe pain. It is used widely today on all kinds of viruses’ and diseases. Hospitals and clinics around the world use frequency devices that can be acredited to Royal Rife technology.

Article on Royal Rife-Sandiego Reader


Rife Machine Frequency List (Sample)

Back pain (1) - 9.3, 9.4, 9.6, 7.6, 7.7, 3, 0.5, 432, 465, 727, 728, 776, 784, 787r>Bacteria Lactis Nosode - 512, 526, 5412
Bacterial infections (if bacterial infection is chronic and the type is accurately diagnosed and neither frequencies nor antibiotics are
effective long term, also use Parasites general and roundworms sets. Also see General antiseptic and specific types.) - 20, 465, 866, 664, 690, 727, 787, 832, 800, 880, 1550, 784
Arthritis - 120 for 20 min, 727, 787, 880, 1550, 802, 1664, 80, 60, 40, 30, 25, 26, 20, 10, 5000, 10000, 7.69, 3, 1.2, 28 for 3 min, 1.5 for 10 min.
Blood diseases - 880, 787, 727
Blood pressure, high (see Hypertension)
Chronic fatigue syndrome (use with General parasite, roundworm, and fluke sets if necessary. Also see EBV and Fatigue general sets. If no response to these, try Cancer leukemia "hairy cell" set) - 10000, 660, 2127, 787, 465, 424, 664, 120, 880, 1550
Depression (due to drugs or toxins) - 1.1, 73
Depression (due to outside circumstances) - 35, 787
Depression, anxiety, trembling, weakness - 3.5, 800
Eczema - 9.19, 707, 1550, 802, 787, 727, 10000, 5000, 2720, 2008, 2180, 2128, 664, 120, 20
Fibromyalgia - 328, 880, 800, 728, 5000, 2720, 2180, 2128, 664, 464, 304, 120, 20
Gingivitis (inflammation of gums. See also Dental, Dental foci, Stomatitis. Take calcium and magnesium internally and brush with myrrh or goldenseal, and CoQ10) - 1550, 802, 787, 728, 726, 465, 20, 1556, 776
Hepatitis, general - 28, 1550, 1351, 880, 802, 727, 224, 317, 329, 477, 922
Migraine - 10
Pain, acute - 95, 1550, 880, 787, 727, 690, 666
Pneumonia - 1550, 1862, 787, 776, 727, 20, 450, 412, 766, 688, 683, 660
Prostate problems, general - 2128, 2008, 2720, 664, 728, 408, 9.39, 2127, 2008, 727, 690, 666, 465, 880, 802, 787, 727, 125, 95, 73, 72, 20, 9, 9.19
This is only a fraction of the frequency list.

See Complete List of Frequencies

What is The Difference in the Three Rife Machine Packages?

Do you have a computer? Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, or 10? The next step is to get some software that generates square wave frequencies. The Basic, Deluxe or Premium package will all generate the same frequencies.

1. Choose the Basic Package if you do not want the over 700 scripts and only need the software on one computer.

2. Choose the Deluxe Package if you want the over 700 scripts and only need the software on one computer.

3. Choose the Premium Package if you want the over 700 scripts and to have the option to install the software on up to 4 computers. That's only $14.94 per license.

Sound therapy users do not need the amplifier or hardware. Sound therapy is listening to or making contact with the speaker for the vibrations to be felt.

For those who want to really feel the frequency vibration, you will need an amplifier and some hardware.

If you are low on funds a few speaker wires and some copper tubes could save you some money.

This cart is very user friendly to accommodate exactly what you want, just click the item to add or remove it from the cart. Click to add or click to remove an item and the total will adjust automatically.


Premium Rife Software Was $99  Now Only $59.77

Software License for up to 4 computers, give a copy to a friend or a relative.  Thats only $14.94 per licence and each licence comes with over pre-programmed 700 Scripts.
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Deluxe Software-One Computer W/ 700 scripts $49.77 CLICK HERE
Basic Software-One Computer W/O scripts 39.77 CLICK HERE

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